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The Computer Version of CrossCribb
(free to download and play)

Download CrossCribb:
Windows 2000, ME, or XP (1.7 MB zipped .MSI File)

Windows 98 with Service Pack 2 (Windows Installer) (1.7 MB zipped .MSI File)

Windows 95 or 98 with out Service Pack 2 (Windows Installer) (5.1 MB zipped .EXE file)

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium 200 MHz processor
2 MB hard drive space
1024x768 screen resolution
DirectX 8.0a (Download free from Microsoft)

Trouble Shooting:

- The latest version of Windows 98 Service Pack includes Windows Installer. If you're not sure if you have Windows Installer on your Windows 98 machine, we recommend you download the .EXE version of CrossCribb. Service Pack 2 with Windows Installer can be obtained from MicroSoft.

- Users of Windows 95 can install Windows Installer by getting the latest service pack from Microsoft. Then the .MSI download should work.

Program and Installer written by Galen Marc Lanphier.
Special Promotion!
Send us an email that states "I'm a CrossCribb fanatic - give me the code!" for a generic registration code that will allow you to play all the CrossCribb variations available on the computer version.          
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